Breakfast Kitchen becomes Office Space…

Before (right) and After (left).

Before (right) and After (left).

Breakfasting kitchens became popular in the UK in larger houses, often for the house staff to prepare food.  When we bought our terrace it had a dining room next to a ‘breakfast room’ that led onto a small kitchen.

The breakfast kitchen had a small, fitted kitchen layout with a pull out pantry on one side.  There was no way we were just going to rip it all out and replace it with a desk.  And the missus refused my request for a smoking corner, complete with drinks tray, armchairs and a king charles spaniel.

So in the spirit of up-cycling, the units were moved about and painted to create a built in office space.  Here’s how:

  1. Units reconfigured- only one wall cabinet was sacrificed to the local tip, as well as the worktop.   It was a simple job of removing all the doors, unscrewing everything, then putting it all back together in a slightly different order.  Simples!
  2. Paint!- cabinets were cleaned, primed and finished with a  thick coat of blackboard paint.  The carcases were similarly treated but painted grey.
  3. Make!- A thin sheet of MDF (actually from an old picture frame) was fitted to the wall and painted for the back of the desk, to cover the nasty wall and create another blackboard area for notes.
  4. Make: desk!- A quick trip to Ikea for a plain pine desk top, which was sanded, primed, painted (black), painted (grey) twice, edges distressed (yes darling) and a wax finish applied.
  5. Make: knobs!-  The old handles looked cack and were a pain to use, unless you had hooks for hands.  There are billions of handles to choose from and I hate deciding on things like that, so I made some myself.  Leather straps (10mm wide) were cut (mitred) to about 130mm length.  2 of these were looped together and attached to the door with a penny washer, machine screw (m4) and a small nut on the back.

    leather strap door knobs...

    leather strap door knobs…

The project came in at under £30 and took a couple of days to complete due to the drying time for the paint.  Well worth the wait though we say!